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Vandals Receive Tenancy Warnings


Wendy McSeveney At The Graveside Of Her Son

Parents of five children aged from 7 to 12 charged with vandalising Cambusnethan Cemetery have been issued with tenancy warnings.

A council official explained the move at a meeting of the Wishaw Local Area Partnership.

Last month, a seven-year-old was among five children charged with vandalism at a Wishaw cemetery. Along with kids aged 10, 12 and two nine-year-olds, the youngster has been reported to the Scottish Children’s Reporter following a wrecking spree at Cambusnethan Cemetery. And a nine-year-old has been reported over vandalism at Cambusnethan North Church.

Campaigner Wendy McSeveney, who started a petition to install permanent CCTV cameras in the cemetery after her baby son’s grave was trashed along with 50 others, attended the meeting.

She said: “I was pleased with the response I received from the councillors.

“I believe that the council are taking into consideration what we have been saying.

“I am also pleased that tenancy warnings have been issued.

“I know the problem isn’t going to be fixed overnight but I hope that we will get there in the end.”

A council spokesman confirmed that verbal tenancy warnings were issued to the parents of the children.