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SLC Purchase Land For Cemetery


Priestfield Cemetery in High Blantyre is almost full and more land is needed to bury the area’s dead.

At a Housing and Technical Resources Committee, councillors agreed to purchase 4.78 acres of land at Sydes Brae, Blantyre, to meet burial needs for the next 30 years.

The land for the new cemetery area which will serve Hamilton and Blantyre is opposite the South Lanarkshire Cremamtorium.

The new site will accommodate around 1900 lairs.

The cost of the land was £239,000 and the purchase is subject to receiving confirmation that the ground conditions are satisfactory for the land to be used as a cemetery.

The purchase is also conditional upon planning consent being granted for the change of use to a cemetery.

The land was purchased from land owner Alexander Struthers Baird.

South Lanarkshire Council have statutory obligations in respect of burial provision so must secure land which is suitable to meet the requirement.