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SLC Can Accept 60 Refugees


The Authority had indicated an interest to the Scottish Government to house people on the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme. South Lanarkshire Council leader Eddie McAvoy reckons the local authority can accept around 60 refugees from Syria.

It was only days earlier that the council had signalled an interest to the Scottish Government in helping to home people on the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme.

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The issue sparked fierce debate on social media sites.

Some said refugees would put additional pressure on an already depleted housing stock and that more should be done to help people already here before attention is turned to those arriving from outwith the country.

Councillor McAvoy said he could understand people’s concerns, adding: "I think that (housing) is a problem, and we’ve got to try and convince people. It’s a very emotional situation. What you have got to understand is we already have 18,000 people on the waiting list. They wouldn’t necessarily be housed in our homes, we may look at the private sector."

"There may be people arriving injured or with mental health problems, so we need to work out medical arrangements as well. As far as I am concerned, those coming here will need to be actual refugees, who are fleeing war-torn countries. You would hope the filtering system from the Home Office and the Scottish Government would do that when people arrive. We could take roughly 60, but we are still waiting on the details, and that will be over a period of time."

The Syrian conflict has been going on for almost four years and half of the 21million pre-conflict population is now displaced.