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Recycling Plant In The Pipeline For Lanarkshire


A fresh recycling facility costing over £100 million is to be built near Forth.

The plant will be used to generate power, and about 100 jobs are due to be created while the site is being built. All the work should be completed prior to 2018.

The initiative is being supported by the Green Investment Bank (GIB), Zouk Capital and Foresight Group.

Eventually the recycling unit will need 50 full-time staff. If the management wants to advertise the positions widely, it could use a print company in Coatbridge.

Shaun Kingsbury, the chief executive of the GIB, has commented:

“This first-of-kind project is the latest innovative example of how the UK is modernising its waste management infrastructure. By increasing recycling and using the remaining waste to produce energy, the Levenseat project will make a significant contribution towards Scotland’s ‘zero waste plan’.”

The idea is that specific materials will be recovered by the operation in question. These will include card, paper, metals and plastics. If a lot of these resources can be salvaged, then this would have an influence on the amount of landfill being used.

An annual target of 75 gigawatt-hours of electricity has been set for the plant. It is believed that such a performance would have a significant impact on regional emissions of carbon dioxide. It may be possible to divert spare energy from the scheme to keep local homes warm.