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Pupils Farewell Prank


Senior students posted the Newarthill school Brannock High on trading site Gumtree as they celebrated their final school days.

The listing, with the contact ‘Senior Prank’ provided, states ‘Brannock High School for sale, no questions asked’.

Asking for £2,015, the advert continues, ‘sixth years moving out, no point in keeping it open’, and lists features such as 40-plus rooms, 10 bathrooms, a stocked library and music room, and a spacious garden including running track.

It also points out that the building has ‘a beautiful view overlooking Lidl’.

The tongue-in-cheek ad, which has since been removed. signs off with, ‘Warning: Existing staff will probably want to keep their jobs and may be confused or upset when you move in.

‘Only contact between 08:50 and 15:40 on weekdays. Serious enquiries only please’.

Brannock head teacher Robert Colquhon appeared to take the prank in good humour, saying: “We can confirm that the school isn’t for sale.

“Nonetheless we’re delighted that their time at Brannock has equipped our pupils with the skills for life, learning and knowledge and that the entrepreneurial spirit of our pupils is shining through.”