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Primary School Launch Children's University Initiative


Woodhead Primary launch new Children's University project in South Lanarkshire

Woodhead Primary have launched a pioneering project that aims to give youngsters a taste of what life at university will be like.

The aspirational scheme is being piloted in South Lanarkshire by the Hamilton school.

And the youngsters couldn’t wait to get started this after the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) came on board.

The Children’s University programme involves a university teaming up with a primary school to work in partnership and deliver exciting new initiatives.

Head teacher Anne Leckie said: “It opens the door early on to the pathways for further education and introduces the possibility of going to university at an early age.

“The children were all very enthusiastic. Parents came along too and went on the technology bus and then we had an open evening for parents.

“Our gym hall was full on Monday night, there must have been almost 100 people there. The excitement in the school is borne out by the fact we had a great number of parents there in the evening. They perceive it, as I do, as a genuinely good opportunity to enhance their children’s education.”

The project, launched with the help of the education department at South Lanarkshire Council, will see children from P5 and P6 taking part, and the school hope to roll it out to all year groups. Woodhead will be able to access different types of learning and benefit from having experts in various fields visit the school.

Mrs Leckie said: “It creates aspirations and a climate for them to do well.

“It’s a great opportunity for families to engage with their local university and benefit from the expertise there, and create aspirations in the school for our young people.

“The whole thing helps us develop Scotland’s young workforce.

“It raises aspiration and lets them see what university is like and hopefully will motivate them at secondary school.”

Craig Nicol, the external engagement business partner at UWS, said: “UWS Children’s University is focused on raising aspirations of children from an early age, and we are delighted to be partnering with Woodhead Primary School to launch the initiative in South Lanarkshire.”