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Disabled Parking Badge Seized




A woman who had her disabled parking badge removed from council wardens has been trapped at home for two months.

Margaret Brown's badge was seized by traffic wardens before Christmas while she was visiting a friend in the city centre.

Margaret's sister was driving her to meet a friend near the Dunlop Street car park in the city centre on December 11. When her sister returned to pick her up, she was approached by a traffic warden who removed the pass, claiming she should not have had it as she was not the person in the badge photograph.


Glasgow City Council said Margaret, from Carluke, would receive the badge back within 14 days after it was returned to her local authority in South Lanarkshire.

However the 58-year-old has still not had the badge returned to her after South Lanarkshire council claimed they never received it from Glasgow.

Margaret said she has been told she must fork out for a replacement if the situation is to be resolved.


Margaret said: "This is an absolute joke. I have to pay for a replacement badge when they took it off me incorrectly in the first place, and now they have lost it. As a result I do not have the badge, can't use disabled spaces and so I can hardly go out as I can't walk very far."

Margaret suffers panic attacks and has severe mobility problems which she says makes it difficult for her to go to the shops if she is unable to use disabled spaces.

She said she usually visits supermarkets late at night to avoid crowds, but has hardly been able to leave the house without the pass and is relying on friends and family to help her.

Margaret added: "This has caused me so much stress, I don't know what to do. It's just been a complete mess."


A Glasgow City Council spokesman said the pass was returned to South Lanarkshire council on December 21. A spokesman from South Lanarkshire council said: “We were advised by Glasgow City Council that Mrs Brown’s badge had been sent to our Rutherglen office before Christmas, but we have no record of it ever being received at that office. We checked with our other local offices in case it had arrived there, but there was no record with them, either."

The spokesman added that the local authority has been in touch with Margaret, whose badge is due to be renewed at the end of this month and have sent an application pack for the new badge.