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Westburn Cemetery: South Lanarkshire Council Vow To Complete Flooding Work


Relatives of those buried at Westburn Cemetery claimed victory in their battle to have long-term flooding issues resolved.

South Lanarkshire Council confirmed they hope to complete the works after discussions with Tom Greatrex MP and Scottish Water.

In a letter to Mr Greatrex, head of facilities Stephen Kelly, accepted the council’s responsibility after investigations confirmed there was no connection to the Scottish water system.

He wrote: “Whilst there are difficulties in providing a new drainage system within an active cemetery we have nevertheless identified a way where we can excavate a number of drains at the affected area that will not interfere with any lairs.”

The ongoing issue of flooding at Westburn created headlines again in January.

Grieving families were left devastated when they arrived after a week or stormy weather to find many graves under water.

Users of the Facebook group, All About Cambuslang, also welcomed the news, and praised the role played by Tom Greatrex MP.

Alex Black said: “Well done Tom, great to see you helping with local issues. I’m sure a few on here will appreciate your efforts.”

Mr Greatrex said he was delighted with the outcome: “I saw for myself the extent of the flooding at Westburn cemetery during the heavy rainfall in January, and can understand how distressing that was for those with loved ones buried in the parts of the cemetery most affected. While nobody can legislate for adverse weather, I undertook to raise these issues with both Scottish Water and South Lanarkshire Council to try to find a solution.

“After discussion and correspondence with both bodies, I am pleased now that the Council have confirmed they are going to excavate a number of drains in the affected areas, and will do so in a way which does not interfere with any lairs, over the course of the next few weeks. This should help to alleviate the pressure on the drains and prevent such severe flooding in the future.

“The Council have also agreed that they will monitor the work to ensure they are working and removing water from the area. I am pleased that the Council have listened to the representations I made on behalf of constituents affected by the floods, and that this will make a difference.”