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Jimmy Osmond Looking For Lanarkshire Relatives


When he was little he sang about his long-haired lover from Liverpool – now he’s hunting his long-lost relatives from Lanarkshire.

US star Jimmy, 52, has finally managed to trace his Scots heritage – and he wants to track down any distant relations from the Old Country.

For years, The Osmonds have believed they had Scottish roots and have been tracing their ancestry.

Jimmy has found his great-great-great grandparents were William Birrell and Mary Neil, who hailed from the village of Old Monkland – now a housing estate in Coatbridge.

Now he wants to meet his long-lost relatives when he performs in Scotland later this year.

He said: “I have always believed we got our musical talent from the Scots and Welsh side of the family. My closet ancestors who were born in Scotland are my great-great-great-grandparents from Old Monkland, William Birrell, born in 1818, and Mary Neil, born in 1820. William’s parents came from Glasgow.”

Although Jimmy hasn’t yet found out if there are any other surviving family members still living in Lanarkshire or Glasgow, he’s keen to find some.

He said: “I haven’t checked to see if there are still people in Lanarkshire but my friend who is a genealogist confirmed it and it’s cool to know we have family who are Scottish. We would love to meet other members of the clan. I think I have Scottish characteristics because I think the Scottish people are fun-loving and disciplined people which we are. Every time I’ve gone there and worn a kilt. Scottish people know how to have energy and give back to performers. I love it there.”

Jimmy is performing with the Osmond brothers, the Moon River singers and dancers and Jimmy Cricket on the Andy Williams Christmas spectacular at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall on Monday, December 21.

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