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North Lanarkshire Reject Proposals


The local authority have rejected proposals to increase the number of councillors by 10 per cent and make changes to ward boundaries throughout North Lanarkshire.

Plans were put forward by the Local Government Boundary Commission that would see the amount of North Lanarkshire councillors increased from 70 to 77, while ward boundaries would be redrawn with one additional ward.

The council told a consultation that the existing structures were sufficient and appropriate and the proposals put forward risked dividing communities.

Concerns expressed that an additional seven councillors would not represent value to the public purse and that there was no evidence the proposals would assist in tackling deprivation.

Councillor Jim Smith, depute leader of the council, said: “The commission’s proposals are simply not properly thought through and, as a result, they will make no improvements.

“Although the commission previously said the purpose of the changes was to address issues of depravation, their proposals do absolutely nothing to do so.

“All these changes would achieve is dividing communities, breaking local ties and increasing costs. That cannot be right and that is why we have responded in the strongest possible terms.”

Airdrie councillor and leader of the SNP council opposition group David Stocks agreed, saying: “The SNP group have always been against the additional seven councillors – it makes no sense, especially in the current financial climate.

“There’s absolutely no need to change the ward boundaries either. The proposals really don’t make any sense.”