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Gavin Whitefield, chief executive of the council, explained: "We started Service and People First in 2007 to transform the way we worked. Originally we had three key areas of work: efficiency, workforce development and improving our organisational culture.

"This programme was to last for five years, but we expanded it in 2012 as the global financial crisis began to bite. We adjusted the programme to concentrate on customer focus, efficiency, workforce development and performance.

"Under the programme we've seen massive changes. We have reduced senior management, driven down sickness absence levels and developed new ways of working and delivering services. But now we need to look further ahead."

One Vision kicks off on Monday 3 November. The council's directors are holding briefings with groups of stakeholders from community forums, community councils, the business sector, voluntary groups and staff.

And an online consultation will happen at the same time on the council's website.

Mr Whitefield said: "We'd really like as many people as possible to give us their views about our organisation. This is not a budget consultation, although clearly finance will have a bearing on how we move forward. What we need are people's views about what matters to them and about the way the council operates so we can continue to transform the way we deliver service.

"For example, how do we better use technology to help our customers? How do we maximise the use of our buildings? And how do we keep developing our workforce to make sure we continue to put Service and People First in everything we do?

"We'll use the results of the consultation to develop a vision to take us to 2025. Your views will shape our future."

The online consultation will be available from Monday 3 November. Details Here.

Council launches consultation on its vision for the future


The council is launching a consultation to seek views on the way the council will develop until 2025.

Under the banner of One Vision, the council is looking for opinions about the council's development of its Service and People First programme.