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NLC Recommend Housing For Former School Site


In a report entitled ‘Building for the future – sites’, Elaine McHugh, Head of Housing Services at the authority writes: “In February 2014 the council approved proposals to expand the new build programme by 150 units, to 1150 units. There are currently sites identified for approximately 825 units.”

Ms McHugh goes on to identify three key sites throughout North Lanarkshire that could become home to new housing schemes. 

St James' Primary School, Coatbridge is the first site identified. “Comprising approximately 1.9ha. It is proposed to develop approximately 30 housing units on this site,” Ms McHugh explains in her report.

“Benhar Rd, Shotts − site comprising approximately 2.5ha… is proposed to develop approximately 30 housing units on this site,” she adds.

The former site of Abronhill High School, in Larch Road, Cumbernauld is the third identified site – with the report suggesting that up to 60 houses could be built on the site.

The report explains that the former school site spans “approximately 3.09ha”, adding: “It is proposed to develop approximately 60 housing units on this site.”

In justifying the proposed sites, Ms McHugh tells members of the Housing and Social Work committee – for whom the report is compiled – that: “The inclusion of the sites identified… would leave a balance of around 206 units to be identified at a future date and a number of potential sites are currently being evaluated.”

The report will go before the council’s Housing and Social Work committee, and if passed, the sites will be added to the North Lanarkshire Building for the Future programme.