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Nits Outbreak


Mum Natalie has had an ongoing battle to get rid of nits from daughter, Katie, who keeps getting infected at school

A frustrated mum claims parents in East Kilbride and elsewhere in South Lanarkshire are being driven to distraction by an outbreak of nits.

Natalie McDonald, from Greenhills, said she even kept her daughter, Katie, who is in P2 off school for a week to try and keep her clear of the creepy crawlies.

And she insists most of the pupils in Greenhills Primary School and elsewhere in the area have been crawling with the little critters at some point in the last few months.

Many children have been infected on more than one occasion.

Natalie is calling on parents to be more vigilant and check their children regularly and has even called for a return of a nit nurse in schools.

She said “No sooner have you got rid of the nits but your child gets them again.

“Parents are absolutely demented trying to get rid of them.

“But all it takes is for one family not to check their child and we are all back to square one.

“I have been battling these wee beasties for over two months and every time I get my daughter’s hair clean she goes back to school and within a few days she is crawling again.

“The lotions don’t work as they have become immune to them so it’s a pointless exercise the only thing that works is individually picking them out eggs and all.

“This means sitting for hours and hours on end with my daughter in positions which hurt her head and is absolute torture for her.

“Katie has long strong curly hair and this makes the job even more challenging.

“It’s getting to the stage she is scared to come near me.”

Natalie went on: “It got so bad I took the decision to keep her off school for a week because I had managed to get her clear of them and I wanted her to stay clear of them.

“Parents aren’t even embarrassed by their child getting them any more because we are all in the same boat – near enough every child has had them.

“And, as far as I am aware it’s not just in our school or in East Kilbride – they are rife all over South Lanarkshire at the minute.

“But the teachers hands are tied as to what they can do and the council don’t seem to be able to do much either.

“The school are not allowed to check kids’ hair and they don’t have the nit nurse anymore, which I feel would be a step in the right direction.”

She added that the only way parents find out if there is an problem is if they manage to get a newsletter – which doesn’t always happen on a regular basis.

Natalie added: “If this problem can be highlighted perhaps more parents will check their children regularly and we can eliminate these wee head pests together.

“Many parents also don’t realise if their child is not allergic then they won’t itch.”

South Lanarkshire Council say it is NHS Lanarkshire who are responsible for dealing with nits and were unable to confirm whether there was an outbreak in schools.

NHS Lanarkshire declined to comment but did advise parents to go to their website for helpful tips on how to deal with nits.