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Stocking Millionaire Developer Faces Jail


A millionaire developer showered expensive gifts on two girlfriends including luxury holidays, watches and even a car faces jail for stalking them after they broke up with him.

David Bryson, 41, was in separate relationships with Heather Munro, 46, and Ciara Nelson, 32.

He gave them expensive gifts and even bought Heather a horse and a £6500 Rolex watch and spent £20,000 on a Mini Cooper for Ciara.

Bryson, of Strathaven, started seeing Heather in September last year his marriage ended.

They dated for several months but as Bryson became increasingly possessive and abusive she tried to end the relationship.

He branded Heather a “b***h, a cow and a waste of time” and also threatened suicide.

She called in police but Bryson then began seeing Ciara, of Lanark, after meeting her online.

He spent a small fortune on gifts for her but last month she told him she wanted to end the relationship because he was constantly phoning her at work.

Police were called in again and Bryson has now appeared from custody at Hamilton Sheriff Court and admitted stalking the women between February and October this year.

Prosecutor Wendy McAdam said Bryson began plaguing Heather after she tried to dump him.

She said: “During the relationship he gave her a number of expensive gifts including a Louis Vuitton handbag and purse as well as a horse.

“Towards the end of the relationship the complainer changed her number a number of times but he always managed to persuade her to rekindle the relationship. She tried to block his number but he would use other numbers to contact her.”

McAdam said Bryson stalked Ciara when their three-month relationship soured.

She added: “He constantly contacted her by phone, text and WhatsApp, there was approximately 180 messages.”

McAdam told the court that Ciara gave Bryson back all his gifts but in September he put money in her bank account and left an iPhone and doughnuts at her door. She then reported the matter to the police.

Defence advocate Gordon Jackson QC said: “He is not a danger just a pest to these women.

“He found it difficult once matters were brought to a conclusion.”

Sentence on Bryson was deferred until next month but he has been banned from contacting women and warned he could be jailed.