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Letter Regards Bus Changes

If you have listened to the latest podcast you will have heard our interview with Katie King, the East Kilbride mother who is taking a stance against the proposed changes South Lanarkshire council wish to make regards the conditions for free school transport. If you have still to listen to the podcast you can download the latest episode here. Alternatively it would be great if you could subscribe to our podcast or listen to it whilst on this site.

Katie has started a campaign to make the council reconsider their changes and needs your help. Below is a letter you can sign and send to Katie to help with the campaign. Perhaps this is something that affects you but you don’t know how to go about making the council reconsider. Perhaps you where unaware these changes will be taking affect. The more signatures the better chance the case will be heard.

You can email Katie the letter with your details here:

Mathew Logan 12, Katie King and Charlotte King 12, Audrey Spence Emma Spence 13, Lorraine Logan and Alice Meldrum 12, at stewartfield bus stop