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New bollards installed on the road outside Lawmuir Primary


New bollards have been installed on the road outside Lawmuir Primary in Bellshill to prevent parents parking on the kerb.

North Lanarkshire Council has taken this measure to address persistent parking problems at the start and end of the school day which created a danger for pupils crossing Footfield Road.

Funding from Bellshill Local Area Partnership’s Local Development Programme was used to install the 25 bollards, as well as permanent signs on the school gates warning drivers not to park on the yellow zig zag lines at the school entrance and asking them to ‘Be A Smart Parker’.

Councillor James Coyle, convener of the Planning and Transportation Committee, said: “Local elected members, parents, pupils and our Safe and Sustainable Travel Officers all raised concerns about the inconsiderate and, at times, dangerous parking outside Lawmuir Primary.

“And there’s no excuse for it, as there’s a large car park only a few minutes’ walk away.

“Despite appeals by the school to parents, the problem has continued so direct action was taken to physically prevent cars from parking on the pavements.

“The school held an event to explain why this action was necessary and highlight the importance of road safety.

“By using the car park nearby to ‘Park and Stride’, parents and pupils would be healthier and, most importantly, make the school run safer for all pupils.”

Earlier this year the LAP also funded fencing being erected in Station Road to improve road safety.