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Childhood Obesity In Lanarkshire


New figures have revealed the number of Lanarkshire primary one pupils who are obese has increased. 416 children across the area have been classified as being either obese or severely obese.

New government figures have revealed a slight rise in the figures, following a survey of over 7000 youngsters. However, the statistics for Lanarkshire are better than the Scottish average.

Jonathan Cavana, NHS Lanarkshire’s child healthy weight programme manager, said: “We’re pleased that these statistics show that Lanarkshire has a lower proportion of its P1 population categorised as overweight, obese or severely obese than Scotland as a whole – something which we have achieved for a decade now.

“We believe part of this success can be attributed to the work we and our partners have been involved in over the years to encourage children to adopt healthier lifestyles and diets.”

The figures were released by Information Services Division Scotland, a part of NHS Scotland which provides health service data used in planning.

In 2013/14 the Body Mass Index (BMI) of 7191 children of primary one age was looked at across the NHS Lanarkshire area.

The survey shows 0.8 per cent (from 1.1 the previous year) were underweight; 85.4 (85.2) per cent were at a healthy weight; 8 (8.4) per cent were overweight; 3.3 (3.2) per cent were obese; and 2.5 (2.1) per cent were severely obese.

Across Scotland 54,573 children were surveyed with 0.4 (0.3) per cent under weight; 84.1 (85.1) per cent at a healthy weight; 9.2 (8.8) per cent overweight; 3.8 (3.4) per cent were obese; and 2.6 (2.3) per cent were severely obese.

Mr Cavana added: “We’re in the process of launching a new package of support including the Healthy Schools and Healthy Families programmes which are based on a more sustainable approach to the long-term prevention of unhealthy weight gain in childhood. This will also further strengthen our links with partners in education, the Home-School Partnership, Community Learning and leisure trusts to support children to make positive lifestyle choices related to food and exercise which will help them to achieve and maintain a healthy weight status now and into adulthood.”