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Lanarkshire Business Week




Growth is the goal, as the Lanarkshire business community gathers to trade ideas. The week-long event, taking place February 29 to March 4, will feature workshops, seminars and networking for bosses looking to grow and expand their enterprise.
It’s estimated more than 20,000 new businesses were opened in Scotland last year.

And overall there are now more businesses and enterprises in the country than there were a decade ago, with entrepreneurial Scots taking advantage of the recent growth and recovery in the economy.


Those looking to start a new business or expand one already well established, will this month benefit from a week-long calendar of events hosted by North and South Lanarkshire Councils.

Lanarkshire Business Week – a programme of seminars, conferences, networking events and road shows – takes place from February 29 to March 4, to help local bosses reach their goals and grow within the community.


Councillor John McLaren, North Lanarkshire’s regeneration convener, said: “Having only recently been appointed convener this is my first direct involvement with Lanarkshire Business Week. I am hugely impressed at the range of events on offer, from the conference through to seminars and the business show. Obviously the focus of the week is on expanding opportunities for those driving our business community but there will be many people setting out on the road of owning and running their own ventures. I’m in no doubt the contacts they will make at the business show, seminars or workshops will stand them in good stead as they grow.”

The programme kicks off with workplace awareness sessions hosted by the event’s sponsor Clydesdale Bank, and Healthy Working Lives. The sessions will focus on practical advice for bosses, including the importance of workplace health and safety, and how to reduce staff absences.

The Lanarkshire Looking Forward conference, hosted by Alisdair Northolt, will follow on Tuesday March 1, and is being staged at Maxim Office Park in Eurocentral. Keynote speakers will include Polar Academy’s Craig Mathieson, who will address the challenges of investment, discussing everything from employee training to incentivising start-ups, and attracting established businesses.

Further highlights of the week’s free events include a series of workshops and courses run by Business Gateway Lanarkshire, the Lanarkshire Business Show which will feature more than 100 exhibitors from across the region, and a workshop on how to make the most of Scotland's tourism industry from Visit Scotland.


Now in its fifth year, leaders of the annual event are keen to build on the success of previous years – the event attracted more than 1500 visitors in 2015, and that figure is this year set to rise.

Councillor Chris Thompson, a member of South Lanarkshire Council’s Enterprise Services Committee said: “I believe this year’s business week will be the best yet.

“Year on year we have built on the experiences we have gathered to ensure an impressive range of conference speakers and topics.

“The whole ethos of business week is one of co-operation and partnership, and that’s why I am delighted we have gained the sponsorship of Clydesdale Bank.”