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Help SFRS Protect The Area


Firefighters on the retained duty system (RDS) are men and women living and working close to a specific station who can provide an emergency response.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) are encouraging the community of South Lanarkshire to become involved in protecting the area.

A drive has been launched to get more people interested in becoming part-time firefighters across the area.

David Murdoch is the station manager at Hamilton and said: “In becoming a firefighter on the retained duty system, men and women help save lives in their own communities.

“Just like their full-time colleagues, RDS crews must deal with emergencies while providing comfort and reassurance to members of the public.

“The role of an RDS firefighter is challenging and demanding, with officers potentially facing stressful and hazardous situations – but regular training ensures they have the specialist skills demanded of a modern firefighter.

“As well as providing an emergency response, the firefighters may also be involved in community safety initiatives aimed at reducing the chance of a tragedy occurring.”

Coming from every walk of life, RDS firefighters include shopkeepers, mechanics, plumbers, chefs, secretaries, engineers and architects – as well as people who are not working.

The firefighters attend their station for a three-hour training session each week, ensuring they maintain the knowledge and skills needed to protect the public.

In return for their commitment, they are paid a retainer fee along with additional payments for every incident and training night they attend.

Watch manager Gilbert Rowan, of Larkhall Community Fire Station, said: “Serving as a firefighter on the retained duty system makes an incredibly valuable contribution to the safety of your families and neighbours, helping to ensure they are protected by specialist fire and rescue cover.”

To become a retained firefighter you should be eligible to work in the UK and be aged 18 or over and preferably live and work within eight minutes of your nearest station.

Station manager Murdoch said: “So if you would like to enjoy a real sense of social responsibility, help protect the community in which you live and are looking to ‘live a life less ordinary,’ then get in touch and see how becoming an RDS firefighter could change your life and give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction.”

Various contracts are available and applications should be submitted online via www.myjobscotland.gov.uk