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Health Board Welcomes Wishaw General Inspection


The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) published a report about unannounced inspection visits to the hospital in November.

HEI discovered five out of the six labour room bed frames and two general ante-natal bed frames were contaminated with blood. They also found a number of blood splashes to the patient examination couch, floor and on a range of storage items in the paediatric treatment room.

All 10 patient trolley beds inspected in the accident and emergency department were clean and fit for use.

However, there was a significant amount of rust on the patient trolley beds.

Inspectors were told that this was due to the hypochlorite bleach used to clean the trolleys.

When HEI returned on November 26 to re-inspect the maternity wards.. All eight inspected beds were clean and ready for patient use.

HEI issued three requirements and one recommendation for NHS Lanarkshire to address.

Inspectors found evidence NHS Lanarkshire are working towards complying with the NHS QIS HAI standards to protect patients, staff and visitors from the risk of acquiring an infection.

They were also assured NHS Lanarkshire have taken on board the findings identified during their inspection to Hairmyres Hospital, East Kilbride, which was carried out in September 2014.

They said the wards and departments were generally clean, there was good working relationships and communication between all staff groups, particularly ward staff and domestic staff, and there was generally good compliance with standard infection control precautions.

HEI chief inspector Susan Brimelow said: “We found the vast majority of patient equipment in the hospital was clean, with the exception of the maternity ward, where we identified some contaminated beds.”

NHS Lanarkshire's director of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Rosemary Lyness said: “While overall it was a very positive report, we are sorry that the condition of some beds when the inspectors first visited did not meet the high standards of cleanliness we expect.

“Prompt action was taken following the initial inspection to ensure right processes were in place and when the inspectors revisited the maternity unit, all beds they inspected were clean and ready for patient use.