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Golfer Wins Damages


A golfer who was hit on the head by another player's wayward tee shot has been awarded £10,000 damages.

John Ure, 46, was hit by a ball at Bellshill Golf Club, on 9th March 2013.

He raised a damages action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh after suffering a head injury, headaches and nausea.

Judge Lord Brailsford ruled it was "reasonably foreseeable" that the risk of a bad shot would endanger a player in Mr Ure's position on the fairway.

The court heard that Mr Muir, from Blantyre, was playing the ninth hole with two others when his shot struck Mr Ure, who is from Uddingston.

Prior to his tee shot, one of Mr Muir's playing party had already struck a drive which prompted a warning cry of "fore".

The judge said this should have alerted him that the group Mr Ure was playing in was in range of an errant drive.

"His shot [Mr Muir's] was, on his own admission, a bad one," said the judge.

In the action it was said that Mr Ure suffered a head injury and was knocked to the ground.

It was said he felt nauseous and was physically ill later that day and went to hospital.

It was said that he suffered intermittent severe headaches and nausea and lost enthusiasm for playing the game.

Mr Ure's counsel Geoff Clarke QC told the court that damages in the action had been agreed at £10,000 if liability was established.