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Watch Out For Fake Cash


Police urged shoppers and store staff in Motherwell and Bellshill to beware of counterfeit cash.

The warning came as a ‘large quantity’ of fake money was reported to have flooded North Lanakshire.

PC Gary Cook, of Bellshill police said, “We are aware of a large quantity of counterfeit money circulating in North Lanarkshire at the moment, particularly in Wishaw.

“I would urge all shop staff and customers in Motherwell and Bellshill to be extra vigilant as this can spread quickly, especially at this busy time of the year.


“Those with counterfeit currency often make small purchases and pay using £20 notes, for example, so shop staff should be on their guard and check notes carefully.

“I would recommend the use of UV pens to detect such notes easily and quickly.

“And please call Police Scotland on 101 to report any instances of counterfeit currency or suspicious activity.”