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Hundreds Back Dog Park Petition


More than 450 people have signed a petition backing local mum Amanda Mcilraith's business proposal for a dog park in the town. MP Lisa Cameron has also offered her support as she challenges the council to lease a piece of land to her.

The East Kilbride community is rallying in support of a dog park venture.

32-year-old East Mains mum Amanda Mcilraith has been trying to open an open air dog enclosure in the town for the last two years.

However South Lanarkshire Council have stonewalled the pet project over a lack of surplus land. One of the proposed locations for the park was a section of vacant land at Barbana Road near Peel Park industrial estate.

Amanda is now petitioning the council to rethink the small business proposal and lease a piece of land to her.

In just one week the petition has gained more than 450 signatures and has also received backing from MP Lisa Cameron who is writing to South Lanarkshire Council in support of the proposal.

She said: “The reason I started the petition was so that I would have something solid to show the council. I want them to see just how many people want this service and that it would be a success. I have over 450 signatures so far and counting but we need all the support we can get. South Lanarkshire Council need to know that East Kilbride belongs to the people not the council. I read in an article that the council has 108 acres of land surely it can’t all be kept for development. I am not going to stop until they agree to leasing me some piece of unused land. And at the end of the day I could have been renting that land on Barbara Road for the past year creating revenue, jobs and a safe place for dogs and their owners to walk and socialise.”

To sign Amanda’s petition visit: