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Crash Lead To Calls For Safety Measures


Two Airdrie councillors have called on the council to take immediate action following another traffic collision on a notorious junction in the town.

The hazardous Towers Road into Petersburn Road blackspot has seen over a decade of accidents and near-misses, with the latest involving a smash between two cars at 6.15pm last Wednesday evening.

A local eyewitness said one of the vehicles mounted the pavement and hit a lamppost.

Police say an 18-year-old woman has been reported to the procurator fiscal relating to the smash and charged with a road traffic offence.

The resident who saw the collision is deeply concerned by the continued carnage on the road outside his home, saying: “This is an ongoing issue that really needs to be addressed before someone, whether a motorist or a pedestrian, is seriously hurt.

“Cars speed along Towers Road all the time and it’s about time the council took action and introduced some calming measures.”

This is a view echoed by Airdrie South councillors Michael Coyle and David Fagan, with the pair highlighting the need for improved safety modifications.

Councillor Coyle said: “I know it’s impossible to get speed bumps put down on Towers Road because of the amount of buses, but chicanes could be a possible solution.

“These have proved to be quite successful on Petersburn Road and I think this would be the best way forward.

“If you look at the statistics, Towers Road must be up there for the most road traffic accidents in Airdrie and there is a school in close proximity so greater calming and safety measures have to be put in place by North Lanarkshire Council.”

Councillor Fagan agreed with his colleague’s assessment, he said: “There have been long-standing issues here and I’ve been campaigning for traffic calming measures to be put in place on Towers Road and Petersburn Road for a while.

“Speed bumps can interfere with low-floor buses travelling in the area, but chicanes wouldn’t cause such problems.

“I live not too far from Towers Road and the traffic often comes up and down at very fast speeds.

“We need to do all we can to ensure the safety of not just motorists, but pedestrians as well.”

A council spokesperson said: “Over the years there have been a number of traffic calming measures introduced in the area, and these have rightly been focused on the areas closest to schools.

“This recent incident took place a distance away from Caldervale High and as yet the council has no details on the cause of the incident.

“The council continues to prioritise its investment in our roads network 
at sites with a history of injury accidents and regularly reviews police statistics to determine where work is required.

“We have no immediate plans to introduce additional safety measures at this location on Towers Road, however we will continue to monitor the situation.”