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Coatbridge Resident Hits Out Over Dog Mess


An irate Coatbridge dog lover has claimed the council are causing a real stink in his community by failing to properly maintain two canine waste bins.

Peter McClurg walks his Lhasa apso,  Casey,  along Heritage View – next to Summerlee Heritage Museum – four or five times each day.

But the concerned pet owner has accused the local authority of foul play for not emptying the route’s two bins on a regular enough basis – leading to a disgusting and unhygienic build-up of bagged dog mess on the grass.

Mr McClurg said, “The two bins are almost always overflowing with dog waste and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

“It’s totally unacceptable and people who conscientiously clean up after their pets are actually having to leave little bags of dog waste on the ground next to the bins.”

He added: “Many kids run along the grass areas so it’s an obvious health hazard. Something really needs to be done about this and quickly.

“So much money is being spent on this museum – it’s probably North Lanarkshire’s biggest attraction – and visitors are being welcomed by a stinking pile of dog dirt.”

Peter went on to explain he has raised his concerns with the local authority.

He said: “I’ve phoned the council around four or five times in the past year to complain and, to be fair, each time somebody has come out to empty the bins.

“However, the matter shouldn’t require prompting. These bins should be emptied as a matter of course to avoid this situation arising.

“The estate here now has more than 24 dogs and the bins aren’t being emptied regularly enough.”