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South Lanarkshire Has High Classroom Assault Record


It is estimated that around 25 Clydesdale teachers were assaulted by their pupils in the past year, a doubling of the previous annual total.

Education bosses denied there had been any sudden increase in classroom violence but staff have been encouraged to report incidents more.

Figures released last week showed that South Lanarkshire had the second worst record for classroom assaults in all Scotland during the school year 2013/14, the area’s total being FIVE times that of Glasgow’s.

According to the statistics, only Renfrewshire’s teachers work in a more dangerous environment.

The figure of around 25 Clydesdale teachers being victims of assaults is taken from our area having a tenth of the population of South Lanarkshire which, as a whole, recorded 262 teacher assaults in the last school year.

The figures have prompted Scotland’s biggest teaching union, the Educational Institute for Scotland, to call for a “zero tolerance” policy to be brought in with more exclusions for violent pupils.