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Charlie Flynn Says "It's A Knock-out"


Charlie nursed back and groin injuries during the Harris fight and came out of it with a broken knuckle, said: “I’m doing fine, everything is getting better and I’m on the mend.

“I’m okay to train, but in the next two or three weeks I will be 100 per cent injury free and then we’ll really get on it.

“I’m going in to see my manager Alex Morrison and we’ll be discussing a few things including the last fight and the next fight.

“So hopefully very soon I’ll know where I’ll be fighting next, when I’ll be fighting next and who I’ll be fighting next.”

Flynn was speaking at the opening of the refurbished Wishaw Sports Centre gym and encourages everyone to use their local North Lanarkshire Leisure facilities and maybe even end up a gold medallist like him.

Charlie said, “The gym is really good because it isn’t just a facility for top athletes - it’s a gym for everyone to use which is great for the community.

“Having said that, I’ve been training at Ravenscraig for four years and I ended up with a gold medal so if it’s good enough for me then it’s good enough for anyone.”

Sport helped keep Flynn on the straight and narrow growing up and he believes fitness is much more accessible now to help young people who might not have the quite the same dedication he did.

He said: “Participating in sport and fitness keeps you off the streets and keeps your mind busy and occupied.

“You get up to no good if you are unoccupied and I understand that many people are not as driven as me and just want to have some fun.

“And I think gyms understand that too now as they are so bright and colourful that they are attractive to young people.

“Gyms are also a lot more creative. It’s not just being on a running machine for two hours - there are so many circuits and machines and equipment which is good for everyone.”

North Lanarkshire Leisure chief executive Blane Doods said: “It is brilliant to have Charlie with us. For someone so dedicated to their sport to be as impressed as he has been by what the team have achieved is the best endorsement we could hope for.

“We want to make a difference for the people of North Lanarkshire.

“I believe that creating spaces like this will give the community the opportunity to enjoy exercise and the benefits that come from keeping fit.

“This will have a transformative effect on lives – plus it is a lot of fun.”

Charlie Flynn with Maria Keating NLL chief executive Blane Dodds and councillor Jim