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Commonwealth Games star Charlie Flynn reveals he’s turning pro


After his medal triumph at the Hydro during the Commonwealth Games in the summer  and said: “I’m buzzing like a jar of wasps!”

There had been some speculation Flynn, 21, would remain amateur to try to compete at Rio 2016.

But Flynn said: “The Olympics weren’t an option. I’m not on the GB programme so can’t go.

“And even if I did get on the GB programme I would be with the boxers I’ve already beaten.

“But I’d be under all of them and by the time I had worked my way up to No.1 then the qualifiers for the Olympics would have come and gone.

“I’m looking forward to being a pro – I’ve got a pro style and I’ve been training with pros since I’ve been around 13 or 14.”

And he added: “I’ve got a good team around me.

“Eddie has put on some of the biggest fights in the world and Alex will look after me as a boxer and sort out sponsors and the like.

“The whole thing is going to be running smoothly and if anyone can take me to the top they certainly can.”

Flynn earned the nickname The Mailman for his work as a postman while an amateur and he has no intention of ditching the moniker.

"The Mailman will live on," he promised. "I'm keeping the name - it's just catchy.

"I worked on the mail and he always delivers, so why not?"

Charlie Flynn announced he is to turn professional with his first pro fight scheduled for December 14. The lightweight gold medallist and Commonwealth Games hero’s first fight will be a four-rounder at Glasgow's Thistle Hotel.

The Mailman has signed up with manager Alex Morrison and promoter Eddie Hearn, he will be coached by Peter Harrison

And the part-time Wishaw postman said: “Eddie will get me four fights televised on Sky next year and two other fights guaranteed in Scotland too.

“There will be a big one in the Emirates or the Hydro at the start of the next year – so it’s all go.”

Flynn's opponent has yet to be named.