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Charity Rescues Bird


An animal charity has rescued a bird found with a fishing hook caught in its beak.

The cormorant was discovered by a passerby at Bothwell Castle on Friday.

The fishing tackle, which had a large artificial fish attached to it, left the bird unable to close its beak. The Scottish SPCA has urged Lanarkshire anglers to ensure they are cleaning up after themselves.

Animal rescue officer Amy Robb said: "The fishing hook had gone through the bird's lower beak and the tackle, including a large artificial fish, was hanging from its beak.

"The poor thing was unable to close its beak and he was clearly very distressed as he had managed to tangle himself up in the line in a desperate bid to free himself.

"The hook had been attached to him overnight which would have been causing him a great deal of pain and discomfort."

The Wildlife Rescue Centre team were able to successfully remove the hook and the cormorant has made a full recovery and has since been released back into the wild.

"Although the majority of fishing enthusiasts are responsible and clear away their lines and tackle after use, sadly, there is a minority who do not," said Amy Robb.

"General rubbish such as glass, cans and plastic also pose a significant risk to animals so we are appealing to members of the public to consider the welfare of the wildlife in the area and clear up after themselves."