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North Motherwell Boy’s Club In Need Of A Home


North Motherwell Boys Club has appealed to North Lanarkshire Council to allow it to create a permanent home in North Motherwell.

The Club was formed in March to give children born in 2003 the opportunity to play organised football.

Since then the club has grown to the point that it now has four teams drawn from boys born in 2002-04.

However,  it has been unable to secure a pitch let close to home so is forced to train at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility and play its games in Larkhall.

Club founder Andrew Ferguson said: “We set up the team in March just to give some of the kids something to do and it’s grown arms and legs since then.

“However, it has proven nearly impossible to get a pitch locally and taking the kids up to Ravenscraig for training, never mind Larkhall for games, is hardly ideal.

“Our hope is that we can set up a permanent base in the area the boys live in and so we would like to be able to take over the North Motherwell pavilion.

“We have been told the pavilion itself cannot be let out because of the condition it is in, while the blaise pitch is not suitable for competitive games.

“Therefore we have asked the council if we can take it over, we have enough contacts and expertise within the club to do up the pavilion and get a 3G pitch laid.

“We don’t need anything from the council but permission to get started, but despite months of asking they just keep telling us they’ll get back to us on it, but never do.

“If we had a proper base then we could set up a football academy and get girls playing too, it would be such a boost to the youngsters of North Motherwell.”

North Lanarkshire Council does not appear keen on the proposal.

A council spokesperson said: “The pavilion and pitch are in a very poor condition as a result of repeated vandalism and theft at the site, and therefore cannot be used by the public.

“We estimate the facility would require at least £50,000 of investment to bring it up to standard.

“We have had correspondence with North Motherwell Boys’ Club about their interest in the facility, however we are not in a position to progress this proposal at this stage.”

Mr Ferguson has been in contact with Central Scotland list MSP Clare Adamson and Motherwell West councillors Paul Kelly and Michael Ross to try to win some political support