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Boost For Pond Projects


Dozens of ponds are set to be created or restored across Scotland and England thanks to a funding boost of more than £96,000.

A total of 45 ponds in South Lanarkshire, the East Midlands and East Anglia will benefit from the £96,178 grant by Biffa Award, which administers money donated by Biffa Group through the Landfill Communities Fund.

The work will take place in the South Lanarkshire Living Water which is managed by wildlife conservation charity Froglife.

Kathy Wormald, chief executive at Froglife, said: "There has been a steady decline in ponds and this negatively impacts on our local amphibian and reptile species and other pond life. Building work across the UK has destroyed habitats. Our projects are addressing this issue by helping to create new habitats and to improve existing ones."

The South Lanarkshire Living Water project is part of an ongoing scheme of habitat creation and restoration that is taking place across Scotland.

The projects will also train local groups of volunteers associated with each site to provide communities with opportunities to get involved in their local green space.

Gillian French, Biffa Award programme manager, said: "Biffa Award is keen to support projects which improve access to the countryside and encourage us to learn more about our natural environment. This project does both and the training of the volunteers will mean that more people will be able to enjoy the ponds and surrounding habitats."