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Asbestos Found In Anderson Tower


Residents of Anderson Tower in Motherwell are back in their homes and questions are being asked as to why they had to be evacuated.

Earlier in the July over 100 people from 60 flats were decanted for five days after contractors working for ScottishPower disturbed asbestos while replacing mains cabling.

The same drama almost happened at nearby Oakfield Tower after a resident stopped contractors from drilling into walls in that block as he was aware of the asbestos.

ScottishPower and its contractor are being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive.

The council is not part of the investigation and said the relevant information was passed on, so they also want answers.

A spokesman said: “We share our tenants’ hopes that these and other questions will be answered during the course of the H&SE investigation of ScottishPower and its contractors. “However, with the inquiry underway, it would be inappropriate to comment further at present.”