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4AM Aldi Queue


Hundreds of people queued up outside for the 8am opening of Strathaven’s new Aldi store.

The bargain hunters lined up for the ‘golden ticket’ event that gave the first 100 people a prize. They were all handed a golden envelope containing details of a mystery prize – including a 48in TV, alarm clock radios and bags of Aldi shopping.

Star prize winner Wilma Wilson won the telly after queuing from 4am.

To celebrate the opening, the store donated £250 and a range of Aldi products to the Strathaven Scouts and Guides, to support the group’s weekly activities.

Children from the group helped store manager Raechel McKenzie declare the store open by taking part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The store, located on Waterside Street, has created over 25 new jobs.

Raechel said: “There was a great buzz at the store opening this morning, and we were really pleased with the number of people in the queue.

“Everyone seemed happy with their prizes and we’ve received some excellent feedback so far from customers.”

Earlier in the year, concerns were raised about the effect Aldi could have on the town, with MSP Aileen Campbell voicing fears that another large store could hit local businesses hard.

Ms Campbell had said: “Aldi opening in Strathaven will signal some good news in terms of local job opportunities.

“But I also know that supermarkets in a town the size of Strathaven bring concerns about a potentially negative impact on the town centre and local small businesses.

“I will liaise with Aldi to request information about why there has been a delay to their shop opening and also to ensure that they understand their need to support the town and to work with the community.”

Andy Doyle, property director for Aldi Stores in Scotland, had replied: “We are very excited to be bringing a new, modern Aldi food store to Strathaven as part of our expansion plans in Scotland. We are very grateful for all the support and advice Aldi has received from the local community.”